About Us

Our Approach

We believe in unique experiences like those we sought out when we first travelled this country 30 years ago. We want you to see what WA is really about and we believe you can best do that in small groups guided by someone who knows and loves the varied scenery and the secret places.

We think you deserve to see as much as possible of what Western Australia can show you: its polished and unpolished beauty and nature and how we choose to live in it!




Andy Tyndall

Guide and Photographer

Western Australia has been my home for 20 years. I have travelled extensively through this vast State of contradictions and still I marvel at what it has to offer and how it can surprise us with its raw, rugged beauty.

We are a small family-operated business. Although I, Andy Tyndall, am most likely to be the one you talk, meet and travel with, Our WA is backed by the support, advice, initiatives of my family and a large network of supporters, friends and  local small businesses and visitor centres.Radio presenter, journalist, farmer...I've been all of those at various times in my life!

But, foremost, I have been a professional photographer for 25 years enjoying a career which has taken me around the world. I have conducted workshops and courses for people who enjoy taking photographs and who have wanted to improve on or learn more about photography and its techniques- and I have LOVED passing on my love and enthusiasm (even after all these years!) to anyone - kids and adults alike - who enjoy and are rewarded by capturing, in a split second, whatever it is that has caught their eye.

Next Steps...

Contact us with your requirements, dates and ideas and let us see how we can make your stay in WA unique and unforgettable!